25 May 2022

Info Sheet: Biotech Offering

Written by The Bracken Group


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Leverage The Bracken Group’s integrated, multi-discipline consulting team to support your biotech venture on its path from bright idea to burgeoning business.

Early-stage biotech companies determined to commercialize their innovations have a long, challenging road ahead of them. Their insight, creativity, and success in the lab may not adequately prepare them for FDA approval of their product. Achieving commercial success will require a complementary set of skills and deep experience in
new fields.

Now is the time to safeguard all that you have achieved so far by partnering with life science and pharmaceutical industry veterans like those at Bracken.

Wide-ranging challenges facing start-up biotech companies include:

    • Safety and pharmacology strategy
    • Chemistry, manufacturing, and controls (CMC) requirements
    • Protocol writing
    • IND preparation
    • Regulatory strategy
    • Clinical strategy
    • Commercial viability
    • Review of data and rational
    • Guidance on how to survive investor or partner due diligence

Short on experienced executive leadership for the next phase of your company’s development? Bracken’s ad hoc consulting or virtual c-suite offering can quickly provide you with the benefit of experienced executives without the cost commitment of long-term engagement.

Bracken consultants’ extensive experience in leadership positions includes these vital roles:

  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Chief Scientific Officer
  • Head of Regulatory Affairs
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Clinical Strategist

Integrated, comprehensive guidance

The Bracken team understands that to succeed in this highly regulated industry and eventually achieve regulatory approval, all facets of drug development must be executed correctly. Bracken can ensure you avoid common costly mistakes and help your organization preserve its valuation while moving toward clinical and commercial success.

Resources beyond consulting

Note that in partnering with Bracken, biotech companies connect to additional services beyond consulting: Bracken Data offers custom analytics to inform your decision making and business strategies while Bracken Marketing is devoted to helping life sciences companies meet their revenue goals via digital marketing.

Learn more about our team!

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Info Sheet: Biotech Offering

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