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How robust is your marketing strategy, really? Get the Life Science Marketer's Checklist and find out.

Life science marketing is a unique niche in the greater marketing landscape. Marketers in this space perform a balancing act of leveraging tried and true B2B marketing tactics while continually pushing themselves to experiment and leverage emerging B2C platforms, channels, and technology to build brand awareness and support organizational success. In addition to navigating the endless evolution of marketing best practices, life science marketers also need to consider scientific and regulatory impacts on their work.

In short, life science marketing isn’t easy, but Bracken Marketing is here to help. We’ve created The Life Science Marketer’s Checklist to help life science marketing professionals take stock of their current marketing program and identify opportunities to strengthen strategy, explore new channels, and expand content. Gathered from our years of experience and built on learnings from across our portfolio, this checklist is a condensed list of must-have items in any life science marketer’s toolkit. Walk through it with your marketing team and note any items you’re missing – these are opportunities to expand your marketing activities and build new pathways to increased ROI.

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Life Science Marketers Checklist