Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory

Comprehensive services for complex decisions.

Due Diligence and Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory services are performed for companies seeking investment or strategic partnering, alongside the investment community. Bracken offers an integrated approach to due diligence projects. Determining the real value and status of a target company or entity may require scientific, regulatory, or medical evaluation, as well as financial, strategic, and operational business evaluation. The team is pleased to collaborate with other experts or own the process entirely.

Due diligence matters.

If you are planning due diligence or M&A in the life sciences arena, Bracken is your partner to provide the breadth of knowledge and expertise in the due diligence of pharmaceutical and radiopharmaceutical assets, clinical services organizations, and technology platforms supporting pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and imaging companies.

Bracken regularly undertakes due diligence at all stages of product development. Service include:

  1. Development of business plans - helping guide nascent technology or compounds forward by developing the roadmap that integrates scientific, medical, regulatory, business, financial and marketing plans for success.
  2. Gap analyses: Business, intellectual property protection (IP), regulatory, competitive landscape, estimated market size, etc.
  3. High-level SWOT analysis of products and/or technology under consideration.
  4. Post close merger and/or integration support to reduce risk, accelerate integration, and improve the ROI timeline. 

How Bracken can help.

Bracken considers outstanding quality and integrity at the core of our business philosophy. This is fundamental in the life science arena whether pursuing a regulatory approval, pioneering a new device, technology, or service innovation.  We thrive on finding and solving challenges in the due diligence process ensuring that it is the right deal at the right time for your organization thus reducing your risk. Bracken provides access to specialized expertise on an as-needed basis, rather than investing in the capital costs of full-time experienced staff dedicated to due diligence projects and maintain billability for your existing staff. Our dependable experts can seamlessly integrate with your team, processes, and workflow to ensure your due diligence project proceeds smoothly and efficiently and without interruption.

Bracken is uniquely positioned to provide a wide range of due diligence services for VCs, Private Equity, Licensing, and M&A.

  • High-level SWOT analysis of multiple opportunities
  • In-depth analysis of companies under serious investment consideration
  • Full regulatory gap analysis
  • Risk assessment and mitigation proposals
  • Competitive landscape analysis that looks at current market competition using Bracken's analytics for clinical trials, as well as a complete analysis of drugs in development, their stages and disposition

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