Clinical trials for hubspot & salesforce

Transform your CRM into a life science intelligence platform.

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Key Features

Enhanced Sales Intelligence

Clinical Trials for HubSpot and Salesforce integrates information into your existing CRM, tying trial information directly to your company records, so that you know what your top prospects and clients are working on without going to additional platforms.

Better Sales Timing

Selling in the clinical trials space is all about timing. Understand where trials and sponsors are in their research pipelines. Get alerted automatically with new activity.

Quicker Processes

There’s no need to leave where you do your selling to log in to a separate market intelligence tool - do your sales and analysis in one place. And you’ll eliminate manual data entry processes along the way.


Clinical Trials for HubSpot and Salesforce users have the capability to automate business processes in ways that have never been possible before.


It just got much easier to produce executive-level reports about what the industry is doing and how your sales activity compares.

How does it work?

Step 1
Data Goes into Your CRM

Data on clinical trials, sponsors, and sites goes into your CRM

The data is sourced from, with new trial, sites, and company records being created to add a wealth of knowledge to your portal. Existing company records will be associated to applicable records.

Step 2
Biz Dev Reps Go Hunting

Your business development team can use clinical trial logic to build account lists or personalize lead outreach without leaving the CRM.

It might feel like cheating compared to how you previously built lead lists.

Step 3
Account Execs Map Their Accounts

Account Execs can associate opportunities to clinical trials, sites, and companies.

Finally, your salespeople can properly map the opportunities to the database objects that are influencing revenue.

Step 4
Sales Managers Unlock New Intel

Sales Managers can combine sales intelligence and market intelligence to understand their selling environment.

Now your CRM can automatically tell you how your sales pipeline looks by therapeutic area, phase, patient enrollment goals, and more.

Step 5
Marketing Does Smarter Segmentation

Marketing can use clinical trial logic for email marketing, advertising, automated workflows, and more.

With more data points at your fingertips, you might invent new marketing capabilities no one has thought of before.

Step 6
Sales Ops Builds Better Automation

Your Sales Op team can automate lead-routing, lead scoring, and sales team alerts based on clinical trial logic.

You probably get the point by now. Adding the world's clinical trial data to your CRM is like a superpower for life science salespeople.

Step 7
Everyone Becomes a Reporting Expert

Everyone on your team can be a market intelligence expert. By using Salesforce or HubSpot reporting, you can build any reports and dashboards you’dlike about clinical trial activity.

We'll challenge you. Who can create the best market intelligence dashboard in 15-minutes? Go!

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