Radiopharmaceutical Support

Our multipronged radiopharmaceutical insights and support for your solutions.

Bracken's radiopharmaceutical team has hands-on experience within industry and clinical execution, including clinical development strategy, commercial strategy development, and market launches.

Leveraging our collective wisdom and years of experience, Bracken’s concierge-style life science consultancy provides customized strategic and operational solutions for radiopharmaceutical clients in an ethical manner.

Members of our team have been directly involved in clinical trials with diagnostic probes, biomarkers, and systemic radiation therapy/theranostic indications. Combined, Bracken's consultants have authored or co-authored 100+ publications in radiopharmaceuticals.

One team of experts, uniquely positioned to help your company succeed.

Bracken’s global team is driven by passion, personality, and integrity.

Our diverse group of professionals provide insights and support on a C-Suite or ad hoc basis in the radiopharmaceutical arena, helping to grow your team, product, services, and/or concept. We also “roll our sleeves up” and manage and support the operational aspects.

From physicians and scientists to entrepreneurs and drug development leaders, our team brings an unrivaled depth of knowledge and skill to radiopharmaceutical support.

Our executive consultants handle business scenarios for a diverse range of vibrant clients, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, on radiopharmaceutical projects including clinical development strategy and support, due diligence, commercialization strategy and product launches, clinical trial strategy, clinical operations, and beyond.

Multifaceted radiopharmaceutical industry support, backed by our experts.

  • Hands-on experience with precise clinical execution in the radiopharma industry, including alpha and beta emitters for systemic radiation therapy (SRT).
  • Comprehensive understanding of the science involved in diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.
  • Clinical development strategy, protocol development and image charter review and support and regulatory submission execution.
  • Supporting the dosimetry assessment and the need for precision medicine.
  • Commercial strategy development and market launches.
  • Detailed understanding of CMC in radiopharmaceuticals.
  • Direct experience within running clinical trials with diagnostic probes, biomarkers and theranostic indications.
  • Directly involved with the translational science of radiopharmaceuticals in clinical trials.
  • FDA communications including video-conference meetings and written communications (WROs) with the agency.
  • Our consultants are regularly asked to serve as fractional CMOs, CSOs, CFOs, COOs, or Heads of Regulatory. 

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