Virtual C-Suite

We can support your team, or BE your team.

Members of TBG are often called on to serve as Chief Scientific Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Medical Officers, or Heads of Regulatory. Some have even been pulled in to fill the position of new or interim CEO.

Our collective high-profile experience allows us to offer flexible solutions and accountability for the key decisions that help drive our clients’ business forward.

A client scenario

TBG was asked to help design a Phase 1 clinical trial for a novel nuclear medicine diagnostic:

  • Our team conducted a “deep dive” to understand the product and requirements and then built out and designed the first protocol
  • TBG became the client’s in-house regulatory team, filing its first IND
  • Serving as the in-house head of clinical operations and medical operations for the client, TBG is now collaborating on clinical strategy for Phase 2

This scenario is a common one for TBG. Our experts are often called upon for regulatory strategy support, which then turns into a long-term engagement for the filing of INDs, NDAs, and BLAs, as well as supporting and leading meetings with the FDA.


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