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We transform data into custom interactive analytics – so you can make more informed decisions.

Data is messy. Sourcing clean, trusted life science data from the deluge of sources out there takes an enormous amount of time, time in-house teams usually don’t have.

Bracken identifies your specific needs then goes to work sourcing, cleaning, visualizing, and packaging the data into real-time, interactive, and intuitive dashboards. Plus, there’s no need to learn new software or programs—saving time, money, and resources.

Benefits of Custom Analytics


Life Science expertise

Our consulting team can help interpret data findings and advise on actionable takeaways, from discovery through final delivery.


Interactive models

With interactive dashboards built off of tailored data sets your team is able to quickly find the answers to many questions, faster than building in-house solutions for new requests.


Wide-range data sources

Our team has experience with a number of public data sets such as, CMS, PubMed, Sunshine Act, as well as private data sources custom to your needs.


High-quality visuals

Designed to produce visual presentations in real time that are board ready, our analysis tools offer multiple export format options for maximum flexibility.


Data tailored to your needs

We make your data goals our top priority and provide straightforward communication throughout the process, ensuring we deliver the data you need, when you need it.

Use Cases


Our customizable tools offer actionable insight on trial history, enrollment rates, site recruitment criteria, sales, competitive analysis, pipeline projections, therapeutic categories, and general market trends. Use cases for our clients include:

  • Business Development
  • Investment Intelligence
  • Clinical Trial Feasibility
  • Protocol Intelligence
  • Market Landscaping
  • Others
Business Development
Clinical trial analytics dashboard

Our analytics help industry sales teams know exactly who is sponsoring which trials, with which sites, and when. This is powerful data for identifying new targets, creating outreach triggers, and building lists of accounts and leads. Request a demonstration to see this in action.

Investment Intelligence
Investment Intelligence for Clinical Trials

Our analytics have helped investment and private equity firms inform their investment decisions by analyzing key trends and players within a space.

As an example, we’ve helped firms analyze trends in clinical trial activity by therapeutic area and identify exactly which sites in the country have the most experience with upward-trend indications.

Clinical Trial Feasibility
Radiopharmaceutical analytics

Some requirements for operating a clinical trial are so specific that analytics can get you a first glimpse into the feasibility of a study. We recommend this as one of your first steps.

In one example we helped a team identify which clinical trial sites in the US were within a 6-hour drive of a pharmacy that could manage a radiopharmaceutical asset (6 hours being the radioactive half-life of one of the materials).

Another example has been evaluating the average operational cost of studies across the US, to map and overlap budgetary requirements with eligible patient populations. Request a demonstration to learn more.

Protocol Intelligence
Protocol Analytics - PROD - Power BI

Does your team write clinical trial protocols? We can help!

Use data to immediately understand the eligibility criteria that other teams have written into similar protocols. Are you working on a phase 2 oncology study that excludes pregnancy? Our dashboard can let you know exactly which eligibility criteria other Ph II oncology studies excluding pregnancy have put in their IE criteria. And a dashboard can enable you to drill into trial records with one click to help you learn more.

Market Landscaping
Trial Finder Imaging Dashboard

It’s imperative that life science executive teams keep a finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the clinical trial space. From understanding macro trends with therapeutic areas to specific movements in competitor pipelines, site activity, publications, and more.

Our dashboards can get you all this information, in an interactive format, on one screen, with visuals that are ready to screenshot and paste into your next board slides.

What’s more!? We can integrate our solutions with any data source – private or public – and mine novel data using Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods. Ask us about how to leverage this for your firm.

Custom clinical trial analytics

Try us! If you can ask the question, we can look into it and let you know if it’s possible. We’ve used analytics to solve issues on:

  • manufacturing
  • diversity & inclusion
  • news aggregation
  • health clinic support
  • census data analysis
  • socioeconomic reporting

and much more.

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