Providing Critical Guidance and Connections for a Private Equity Firm Considering a Large Investment

James Gilligan

A significantly sized organization in the development, manufacture, and supply of radiopharmaceutical products used in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other diseases was being evaluated by an international private equity firm considering making a significant investment. But first, the firm would need some expert insight into the radiopharmaceuticals market as part of its exercise in due diligence. Ultimately, the search for that subject matter experts brought the firm to TBG.

One for All and All for One

Due diligence consulting is a role TBG is particularly well suited for because it plays to strengths that we are especially proud of: We are a collegial, highly collaborative, and readily integrated team, which is exactly what complex, multifaceted due diligence exercises require. This particular assignment demanded expertise in radiopharmaceuticals, pharmacology, manufacturing, competitive landscape analysis, financial evaluation, and regulatory affairs. There were also a few other considerations:

  • TBG would need to deliver an exhaustive assessment within 6 weeks.

  • The project was multi-faced.

  • A large, international medical conference occurred (pre-COVID-19) during the 6-week timeframe and TBG set up a series of face-to-face meetings with the client and key opinion leaders during that time, allowing them direct insights into the market place.

TBG’s integrated, multi-discipline, concierge-style health sciences consulting team was to be broadly engaged. In addition to executing on our individual aspects of the assignment, we would need to connect and collaborate daily in working toward a comprehensive assessment.

The Path Forward

Part of the assignment was the need to understand the potential for competitive radiopharmaceutical products in the nuclear medicine field. To address this, TBG’s sister company, Bracken Data, was brought in to take a critical look at relevant clinical trial activity, project future NDAs, and forecast future developments in radiopharmaceuticals. Finally, TBG Managing Partner Colin Miller would introduce the client firm’s team to eight key opinion leaders in radiopharmaceuticals and facilitate the conversations that followed.

TBG Services and Deliverables

Analysis, insight, and guidance from a Regulatory

Insight and guidance regarding science, technology, and products

Fast-tracked connections to KOLs in

Facilitating and leading conversations between the client and KOLs

An exhaustive competitive report on 6 different
radiopharmaceutical products, including insights on the
cost/benefit of each


Go/No Go?

Thanks to the reports and insights provided by TBG, in addition to the meetings with key opinion leaders that TBG facilitated, the private equity firm had the benefit of all relevant information and insights regarding the strength and promise of the deal it was considering. TBG provided all the information necessary within the 6-week period for the client to make an informed decision.

Whether you are managing complex, high-pressure, high-value projects on a global stage or something more modest, you can trust the team at TBG to vigorously attack your challenge with a multi-faceted, yet integrated approach that allows you to thoroughly understand the opportunities and threats in front of you and move forward with confidence.

If this sort of offering sounds like one that could benefit you, please reach out to us. We’d love to talk with you.

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