11 June 2018

Strategic Imaging Method Designed for Injector Depth Measurement

Written by Colin G. Miller



A medical device company with an injectable drug for emergency use needed a way to ensure the drug delivery to pediatric patients at just the right depth. If the injector was too shallow, the drug would go into the subcutaneous tissue and not be effective, and if too deep the injector would hit the bone. They needed a way to measure drug injector depth in very young populations, so they could conduct a clinical trial.

The drug itself is approved, but delivery to a new, very young patient population required evaluation of the drug delivery in patients weighing less than 15kg.


The task was to precisely evaluate where the injectors delivered the drugs. An assessment found that current imaging protocols were not precise enough to measure needle depth. The solution was to:

  • Develop new strategies and methods to acquire images where needed.

  • Develop a novel ultrasound-based acquisition protocol that will be used in their upcoming clinical trial.

  • Provide managerial support along with technical expertise and strategic guidance.


The company had the information they needed to measure drug injector depth in their target population and were able to conduct the necessary clinical trials.


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