3 November 2022

Developing and Executing a Campaign to Boost Web Traffic by 85%

Written by Bracken

Case Study Highlights
  • 85% increase in overall users to the client’s website
  • 92% increase in new users on the client’s website
  • 94% increase in sessions on the client’s website
  • Significant sales pipeline produced directly from campaign assets (specific client data withheld)
  • Goal CPL (Cost Per Lead) cut in half
About the Client

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, The Clinician is a global team of medical doctors, health informaticians, data scientists, engineers and project managers driven by the vision of a better future for healthcare. Their cloud-based platform, ZEDOC, enables care teams to monitor, inform and empower patients along their entire healthcare journey, from the comfort of their own homes. By enabling timely exchange of important health outcomes, experiences and educational content between clinical visits, The Clinician provides both care teams and patients with real-time, actionable information to improve health outcomes while reducing costs and inefficiencies.

Optimizing Digital Care Pathways

"Digital Care Pathways" (DCPs) employ digital technologies to follow and support patients through their healthcare journeys. Through DCPs, the relative ease of collecting health information from patients and making it available to healthcare providers in real time facilitates efficient, shared decision making and more person-centered care. By doing so, providers can provide more informed treatment options, and understand how to optimize ‘pathways’ for consistently improving care quality. Every stakeholder across the system benefits. To enable DCPs and net the inherent advantages, organizations require a complete digital solution that can keep patients engaged, healthy, and connected to providers even when they are not physically within a healthcare facility – exactly what The Clinician’s ZEDOC platform provides. 

ZEDOC Platform Hero Image
The Challenge

ZEDOC’s parent company, The Clinician, approached Bracken in 2021 with a specific challenge: how to position this complicated offering to tech enthusiasts and tech skeptics across the healthcare ecosystem, while defining distinct messaging for ZEDOC as a product and The Clinician as a brand. With a rapidly growing client base and a desire to expand their reach to broader international markets, The Clinician needed impactful messaging, a data-driven strategy, and robust content to support ZEDOC’s growth and position this powerful tool to make an impact across the broad scope of the healthcare system – while also building The Clinician’s visibility to drive the next phase of the company’s growth. An experienced marketing partner with seasoned knowledge of the digital health space was essential to The Clinician's next steps. Bracken was selected as that partner.

The Strategy

Refine Messaging

First, a comprehensive, customized messaging guide was prepared that refined the exclusive benefits of ZEDOC and provided clarity on The Clinician’s overarching brand messaging. The messaging guide tightened previously used marketing copy to concisely, accurately convey the value of the ZEDOC platform and The Clinician brand. This guide shaped the tone and style of the messaging that was to come in the next phase of Bracken’s plan for The Clinician’s success.


Tell The Story

The Bracken team and The Clinician collaborated to develop a powerful and convincing story supporting ZEDOC’s capabilities. The platform has the power to revolutionize traditional in-person models of care by engaging patients from the comfort of their homes and providing the right data at the right time for care teams. By enabling a deeper relationship between patients and HCPs, the relative ease and timeliness of virtual encounters reduces stress and complications. Collecting information directly from patients at home and making it available to HCPs in real time allows for shared decision making and care that is more personal and person-centered. In addition, digital interactions are more frequent and more detailed than traditional interactions between patients and HCPs typically are, allowing patients to reasonably feel that their HCPs, and in fact, the healthcare system as a whole, are more readily accessible to them and more interested in the details of their experience. Now that’s a story!

Together, Bracken and The Clinician created an eBook titled, “An Introduction to Digital Care Pathways” that humanized the power of ZEDOC with use-case examples, data, and clear storytelling. A corresponding campaign to promote the eBook and generate leads for The Clinician included a pillar page, press releases, blog posts, and additional content. Organic and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising were leveraged to drive audiences to the eBook and in turn, The Clinician’s expertise and other service offerings on the company’s website. and other service offerings on the company’s website.

The Outcome

The eBook and campaign launched in Q4 2021. It generated the best sales qualified leads (SQL) Bracken has ever seen in the digital health space! From September – December 2021, The Clinician saw an 85% increase in overall users to their website, a 92% increase in new users, and a 94% increase in sessions. This led to a solid return on investment for The Clinician as these qualified leads were converted into tangible sales. The press releases and additional content surrounding the eBook strengthened The Clinician’s brand presence and led to new partnership and commercial opportunities for ZEDOC.


The Clinician continues to build on the momentum from their successful partnership with Bracken. Additional campaigns are planned for 2022 as The Clinician explores new markets and works to further the power of ZEDOC.

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