22 September 2023

From Core Messaging to CPL: An Integrated Ads/Marketing Strategy

Written by The Bracken Group
The Scenario

Our client’s AI offering sought to revolutionize analysis of clinical data. They came to Bracken realizing their goals required a multi-faceted team, able to handle everything from defining core messaging, to creating quality content, to building and managing an ongoing digital ads program.

The Challenge

The increasing awareness of AI’s potential for healthcare doesn’t always translate to brand awareness or actual conversions. Reaching potential clients, partners, and investors in the vast digital healthcare space would demand cohesive use of both marketing and advertising strategies—developing content, then swiftly putting it to effective use, with nurture-able leads defining a successful campaign.


The Strategy

Our team embarked on a three-pronged integrated strategy:

  • Strategic content creation Multiple white papers, blogs, SME interviews, and LinkedIn creative built this client’s messaging while addressing target user’s needs and concerns.
  • Audience and campaign development based on a nuanced understanding of our client’s offering, capabilities, mission, and objectives. We created audiences and campaigns that fit the client’s goals and target users, and added remarketing strategies.
  • Ongoing optimization Our proactive approach to ads management delivered consistent ad maintenance, cross-campaign insights, and the visibility of a customized reporting dashboard.
The Results
  • 139 On-Target Leads in 6 Months
    • Average 23 per month, or 5.8 leads per week
  • <$72 Cost Per Lead Average
    • Compare to $125 CPL industry average for healthcare IT solutions
  • $60 Average Remarketing CPL
    • Less than half the industry standard CPL


Hands-on Ad Management

“Set it and forget it?” Forget it!

At Bracken we take ad work seriously because we’ve seen its potential. That’s why we’re as meticulous in the ongoing management phase as we are through research, copy, graphics, and launch.

Once ads are live, we monitor individual ad performance to deliver continuous optimization, with transparent results via a detailed customer dashboard. When we offer guidance, we’ll include data to back it up— empowering informed decisions and deliberate strategic choices.

Are your ads reaching their full potential? With Bracken, they can.



Below is our case study on From Core Messaging to CPL: An Integrated Ads/Marketing Strategy. You can download it here.

TBG Case Study - Anonymous (MDL) 2023



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