25 March 2024

Life Science Marketing: From Identification to Inception

Written by Bracken

The Scenario

Our client, a global IBC/IRB, needed a full creative rebranding. From logos to website design to business cards—Bracken’s marketing team tackled our client’s unique needs at the root.

The Challenge

In the life sciences, staying relevant and resonating with your audience is crucial for success. Online, where attention spans are fleeting and impressions are formed swiftly, a compelling rebranding effort can inject fresh energy, modernize your image, and captivate both existing and potential stakeholders. Our client needed a narrative that reflected their evolution, valued innovation, and fostered trust. 

The Strategy

Bracken began with an intense Discovery phase. In conversation with our client, alongside deep market opportunity research from our Consulting resources, the actionable items for our client’s exact needs were able to be identified. Equipped with solid market knowledge, our Creative team developed a comprehensive messaging strategy—a foundation upon which both the client’s unique vision and Bracken’s signature scalable offerings were built. The result? A multi-pronged, integrated marketing strategy that delivered hard results and continued to offer the client room to grow.


The Results

Brand-New, Literally:

  • Fresh Logos
  • Custom Fonts
  • Color Scheme

New Language Deliverables:

  • Mission/Vision Statements
  • Value Propositions
  • Elevator Pitch and Taglines

Website Rebuild

  • Engaged Web Presence
  • Communicative Brand Visuals
  • Targeted Messaging

Branded Deliverables

  • Business Cards
  • Email Signatures
  • Conference Booth Display
  • Handouts

Growth & Beyond

  • Digital Marketing Campaign
  • Web Traffic
  • Lead Generation


At Bracken, we’ll bring you a marketing approach that’s as comprehensive as it gets.

Picture this: we blend the tried-and-true tactics of traditional marketing with cutting-edge digital strategies that skyrocket brand awareness and lead generation. And we don't stop there. With our knack for data analytics, we customize intelligence tools like nobody's business.

The end result? A powerhouse approach that outperforms single-approach competitors. If you're ready to take your life science marketing to the next level, contact us today.


Click here to open a PDF version of this case study.


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