29 May 2024

Science Sells: Life Science Messaging & Strategy Case Study

Written by Bracken

The Scenario

Our client, a global full-service imaging solutions company, was considering entering a new therapeutic area. They needed strong business development support to establish connections with key opinion leaders (KOLs) in this field, develop a unique messaging strategy for penetrating a highly niche market, and pharmaceutical company connections.


The Challenge

The market size for this therapeutic area is very small, especially compared to other imaging opportunities such as oncology. The challenge of selling their offering as a new product was quickly brought to light. A crowded, niche marketplace required a truly unique strategy for our client to stand out. This necessitated an integrated approach: combining holistic business development, targeted messaging, and a comprehensive marketing strategy to succeed. Additionally, creating a robust marketing strategy for a company that had not previously invested in its value posed a challenge—but also presented a significant opportunity.


The Strategy

Bracken’s team began with a SWOT analysis, interviewing key members from various functional areas to understand strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within the organization. Cross-functional conversations during this initial discovery process are crucial for understanding client needs and identifying gaps. This also helps shape messaging and market research. Collaborating with the client, our team conducted a comprehensive review of their content, updating their website, slide decks, LinkedIn posts, and pitch materials. Clear, well-written, and accessible content is essential for pitching to new customers and key opinion leaders (KOLs). Analyzing competitors' websites and LinkedIn presence, which conveyed a global and robust image, underscored the importance of consistent and authentic branding that truly represented the company—which was a strategy that we then adopted.

In the life sciences, differentiation is vital. Even with cutting-edge technology, standing out requires significant marketing investment, which involves more than just tracking metrics like pay-per-click and ROI. Our client needed to ensure strong visibility, market their global presence, and make their key personnel well known. Effective presentation was also crucial; touting their size, experience and influence in the marketplace, alongside imaging giants, helped them to stand out and prove their credibility.


The Results

Science sells, especially when backed by hard data. Bracken’s team took our client’s metrics—from studies to services—and reworked the data to highlight their leadership among imaging giants in a crowded marketplace. Although the market for the targeted therapeutic area was more challenging to enter than initially expected, with support from Bracken’s experts, the client decided to pursue it. Throughout the project, our client recognized the importance of a strong marketing strategy and unique messaging. After the initial project concluded, they chose to continue working with our team to further develop their brand and expand their business in their existing areas of expertise. This collaboration not only opened new doors for our client but also fortified their position as leaders in the imaging industry.


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Science Sells: Life Science Messaging & Strategy Case Study

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