Let’s Talk Life Science—in 11 Languages

Elyse Rogers and Sasha Reanier

As Bracken continues to expand, we wanted to learn more about our growing team. And how do we get to know one another? We chat—about projects, clients, the weather, pets, life! During these conversations, it’s a delight to hear a variety of accents and different terms used for everyday items, such as “the trash” vs “the bin.” These interactions bring us closer together as coworkers and human beings. This got us thinking about the incredible impact of shared language.

While English is most commonly used during our calls and meetings, we wanted to see what other languages our group felt comfortable communicating in—so we put out a questionnaire to find out. In this post, we’ll give a rundown of the plethora of languages (both official and unofficial) the Bracken team is ready, and very willing, to speak. 

Calling all tongues, vocabularies, and dialects

The language collection process started with an email questionnaire that went out to our entire team. With each language, we asked the recipient to note their fluency level—beginner, intermediate, or master—as well as their ability to read/write/speak the language.

Going in, we had some expectations. There were bound to be those who spoke Spanish or French, and we even expected a few wildcard answers like Klingon or Dothraki. But we weren’t expecting to discover such a wide repertoire of languages!

Boundless linguistic expertise

As replies started to pour in, we weren’t sure of what to make of some of the following answers, and with a comic sense of irony—we were left quite speechless. 

Notably, certain members of the Bracken team are skilled in the following languages and dialects: 

  • Pig Latin – two masters
  • British English – three masters
  • An ancient Slavic language spoken in the high mountains of Greece – one decipherer
  • Arabic, in both modern standard and Moroccan Darija – one scholar
  • Angry Mom—in speech and comprehension only; text translation cannot convey the full, infuriating impact of the situation – several masters
11 languages and counting

While we may struggle to effectively translate our analytics, regulatory, or marketing expertise into Angry Mom, we can in all seriousness provide services in the following languages: 

  • Spanish
  • German
  • Swiss German
  • Turkish
  • French
  • Hebrew
  • Haitian Creole
  • Danish
  • Italian (Intermediate level)
  • Norwegian (Intermediate level)
  • Swedish (Intermediate level)
Talk to us

What started off as a curiosity turned into pure amazement, with a humorous twist. We’re so proud to have such a talented team of professionals in our intelligence ecosystem. 

Bracken is ready to offer marketing, regulatory, analytics, and additional consulting services to help your life science business succeed (in 11 languages).

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