Episode 1: Navigating M&A Ethics with guest Dawn Flitcraft

Fractals: Life Science Conversations

Episode 1- Dawn Flitcraft-1

With 50+ M&A deals to her name, Fractals guest Dawn Flitcraft knows what it takes to bring successful deals home, and spot problematic projects early on. Join us on a journey through the ethical landscape of M&A/Due Diligence with Dawn as our Aristotelian guide, and valuable takeaways at every turn: 

  • 4 key components of successful (and unsuccessful!) deals
  • Principles for effective post-deal marketing
  • Steering executive teams through M&A
  • When emotion becomes an “X” factor
  • Operation Warp Speed and Dawn’s time leading ethical review at WCG IRB

Listen to Fractals: Life Science Conversations via your preferred podcast service, and contact us today to learn more about working with Dawn and Bracken’s team of expert consultants.



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