Episode 12: Talking Innovation: Data Analytics with Guest Ben Mitchell

Fractals: Life Science Conversations

Episode 12 - Ben Mitchell

Data analytics expert, systems and operations specialist, optimization and automation wizard—that’s our Senior Partner, Ben Mitchell. Previously the founder of tech startup The Brite Mind, then Vice President of Operations and Information Services and Analytics here at Bracken, Ben now works in a consulting capacity. Join Ben and host Colin Miller on this episode of Fractals: Life Science Conversations to discuss innovation across life science technology and data analytics, including:

  • The evolution of digital advertising and growth marketing towards empowering clients through technology,
  • The pivotal role of data as a cornerstone in life sciences and the importance of an integrated approach in both human interaction and platform creation,
  • The construction of analytics and data structures for problem-solving, and how tailored data analytics in life sciences can unlock vast potential and opportunities, and
  • The essential guideposts for successful data analytics projects, including feasibility, team dynamics, stakeholder buy-in, and robust project planning.

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