Episode 8: Osteoarthritis Drug Development with Jon Larkin

Fractals: Life Science Conversations

Episode 8 - Jon Larkin

Groundbreaking science and entrepreneurial spirit go hand-in-hand with our latest guest: osteoarthritis expert and Senior Partner, Jon Larkin. With over two decades of research in pharma and biotech giants as well as his own startup, Jon shares insights on pioneering osteoarthritis therapies, leading clinical development efforts, and shaping the world of biopharma in academics, industry, and consortia alike. In this episode of Fractals, join Jon and host Colin Miller for valuable insights on:

  • How the dynamic evolution of osteoarthritis drug development has permeated the industry, and its impact on treatment strategies.
  • The symbiotic relationship between leadership, collaboration, and success in healthcare.
  • The intricacies of navigating critical decision points and regulatory challenges to advance clinical studies effectively, and...
  • Unveiling the origins of drugs, from academia to industry, and the pivotal role of consortia in innovation.

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