Love the Problem, Not the Product: Imaging Solutions with Guest Jeff Sorenson

Fractals: Life Science Conversations

Episode 12 - Ben Mitchell-2

With a proven track record of transforming clinical trial imaging data and workflows, Fractals guest Jeff Sorenson knows what it takes to eliminate delays and accelerate results in the life sciences industry. As the co-founder and CEO of Yunu, Jeff collaborates with life science companies and cancer centers to revolutionize clinical trials, achieving faster time-to-market for sponsors and CROs. Join Jeff and host Colin Miller for a conversation on the world of medical imaging, including:

  • Automating AI in clinical imaging to alleviate staffing shortages and redirect focus to patient care,
  • Emphasizing the value of integrated workflows and comprehensive data management for effective success stories in healthcare, particularly in medical imaging applications,
  • Prioritizing integrated troubleshooting over straightforward product development to ensure continuous innovation, and,
  • Leveraging multimodal clinical data to unlock new potential across clinical trials, decision support, and beyond.

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