Episode 6: Today & Tomorrow: with Martin Collyer

Fractals: Life Science Conversations

Episode 6 - Martin Collyer

Chief Financial Officer, Certified Accountant, Head of Strategy and Innovation, Vice President of Operations—all former titles of our multitalented Senior Partner, Martin Collyer. Through the critical roles of balancing financial investments, seeking holistic answers to due diligence strategies, and, perhaps most importantly, navigating the crucial need for individualized patient engagement in modern healthcare, Martin has been on the cutting edge of success throughout his impressive career. In this episode of Fractals: Life Science Conversations, join Martin and host Colin Miller to gain vital insights on: 

  • The necessity of patient-centric initiatives in the ever-evolving world of the digital healthcare space,
  • Why successful healthcare due diligence is built upon a complete picture of opportunities and risks,
  • What measuring effectiveness looks like in the front-facing side of the life sciences, and
  • Why each patient’s individual journey and experience needs to be treated on a personalized scale to see both positive and succinct results.

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