Episode 7: Necessity of Nuclear Medicine with Sandy McEwan

Fractals: Life Science Conversations

Episode 7 - Sandy McEwan

Former Chief Medical Officer, Vice President of Nuclear Medicine, and long-time academic physician—that's our in-house nuclear medicine expert, Dr. Sandy McEwan. From research and publications in the academic space to hands-on development of novel SRTs, Sandy’s expertise is as developed as it is broad. Join Sandy and host Colin Miller on this episode of Fractals to hear key insights on:

  • The evolving landscape of nuclear medicine, radioisotope therapy, and radiopharmaceuticals in light of technological advancements, and a glimpse into their future.
  • Defining success metrics in nuclear medicine and how they are influenced by treatment modalities.
  • The collaborative potential between industry and academia in advancing groundbreaking treatments and introducing new options for patients.
  • The importance of prioritizing patient-centered approaches in the advancement of radiopharmaceutical therapies.

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