Episode 9: Complex & Crucial: The World of Regulatory Affairs with Guest Liz Bloss

Fractals: Life Science Conversations

Episode 9- Liz Bloss

The complex landscape of regulatory affairs is best navigated with an expert. That’s why we welcome Bracken Managing Partner and Head of Regulatory Liz Bloss to this episode of Fractals: Life Science Conversations. Liz's extensive experience spans from crafting early IND submission strategies to guiding companies through the intricate process of NDA preparations. With a keen focus on FDA communications and meeting preparations, Liz excels in steering companies through milestone meetings that are crucial for the success of their development programs. Her expertise extends to navigating orphan drug submissions, offering US Agent support for global clients, and providing invaluable regulatory intelligence. Listen in to hear cross-industry and regulatory-specific insights from Liz, including:

  • The importance of recognizing the pivotal role of attentive listening to meet regulatory objectives and leveraging strategic pauses to cultivate both client and career connections,
  • How facilitating communication between scientific and regulatory realms constructs pathways and interfaces with FDA or regulatory bodies,
  • Why the impact of Regulatory Affairs extends beyond paperwork to both cultivating innovative interpretation and thinking outside conventional boundaries, and,
  • Why fostering personal bonds, networking opportunities, and empowering women in the life sciences sector is key for creating inclusive environments where diverse perspectives are both encouraged and valued.

Listen to Fractals: Life Science Conversations via your preferred podcast service, and contact us today to learn more about working with Liz and Bracken’s team of expert consultants.



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