Episode 4: The Radiopharmaceutical Unk-Unk with Andrew Beck

Fractals: Life Science Conversations

Episode 4 - Andrew Beck

Andrew Beck’s impressive career has spanned various niches across the radiopharmaceutical development sphere. From utilizing a holistic path for building a successful strategy to the key pairing of pharmaceutical sales and patient advocacy, Andrew understands that an integrated approach is paramount to success. On this episode of Fractals: Life Science Conversations, dig deeper into radiopharmaceutical development and hear Andrew’s key insights on:

  • What the radiopharmaceutical “unk-unk” is (and how to navigate running into associated roadblocks),
  • Why the simple availability of a product doesn’t necessarily indicate adoption of treatment,
  • How beginning with the end in mind is key critical to building a holistic and successful business and/or commercialization strategy,
  • Why and how patient advocacy will continue to advance both standard of care and collaborative business strategy.

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