Episode 11: From Pixels to Patients: with Kurt Mueller

Fractals: Life Science Conversations

Episode 11 - Kurt Mueller

What’s ahead for digital and omnichannel marketing? Why does crafting web and analytics framework in the life sciences matter to the industry at large? What purpose does generative AI serve in the biopharmaceutical arena? Enter Kurt Mueller, Bracken’s in-house expert in all things digital and featured guest on Fractals: Life Science Conversations. Specializing in fractional Chief Digital Officer and Chief Innovation Officer services, Kurt excels in digital marketing, stakeholder segmentation, and CX journey mapping, among other areas critical to industry success. Join Kurt and host Colin Miller as they parse through the more philosophical questions pertaining to the life sciences, including:

  • Why digital and omnichannel solutions and generative AI are the future of digital health marketing,
  • How clear communication is crucial across all stages of digital health solutions, from initial diagnosis to ongoing engagement,
  • Why personalization strategies are paramount to effective digital marketing and solution implementation, and,
  • The importance of recognizing the transformative potential of patients engaging in their own care through internet-based and digital health solutions for the future of healthcare.

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